DIY Projects & Recycling

The DIY Projects Today and Where They`re Heading: Recycling and Up-cycling

Apart from the usual recycling, people also use bottles in Artistic ways. I would rather say for DIY projects! This is referred as up-cycling. For example:

  • A painted wine bottle used for holding flowers or branches.
  • Using a glass frosting kit and turning it into a bottle’s glass opaque. Then adding candles and grouping several of them together.
  • Adding dish soap and decanter topper designed for pouring the olive oil.
  • Turning the bottle upside down, adding a dispenser designed for feeding the lovely hummingbirds. Finally wrap a hanging wire and the bird feeder is ready.

People are using them in a majority of other ways as well, creativity and imagination are limitless. For example, you can try to construct a DIY Lamp out of an old plastic bottle and up-cycled plastic spoons!

How are plastic bottles used in DIY Projects?

  • Cutting the plastic bottles from the top, filling them with soil and finally planting flowers or other plants.
  • Decorating the plastic bottles and making a beautiful chandelier.
  • A broom made from cutting plastic bottles.
  • A creative spoon lamp. Cutting the bottom of the plastic bottle, gluing spoons on it then putting a light bulb inside and finally using it as a lamp.


The purpose of the above two examples was to give you a general idea of the DIY projects today and where they are headed to. Apart from the general recycling, people are also utilizing many other items that can be up-cycled and used in DIY projects to craft out something beneficial, stay tuned for updates from the