Learn How to Create Your Own Fire-pit and Get The Most Out of Your Backyard

Here you will learn how to create your own fire-pit and get the most of your backyard in the colder evenings. Keep in mind that your own fire-pit in in your own backyard has other advantages as well, you can use it as a smoker for certain delicacies in the kitchen or as a simple barbecue for your party.

The construction of your future fire-pit requires both observation and study alike, every square centimetre of this world is different, unique and as a result, your backyard is too. Landscaping laws do vary from region to region and you will need to study your local agreements and consult your neighbours alike; in certain neighbourhoods opened fires are not allowed.

The DIY project that will follow is simple and it implies materials that can be found on most hardware stores with ease, we invite you to pay attention to the YouTube Videos and notice how you can craft your own pit, in one day, at home, regardless of soil quality, terrain or topography.

What do you think about this valuable craft? The simplicity of the Do It Yourself project rates it as a must from our point of view. If you consider simple fire resistant bricks the price can go even lower, the grill is not mandatory either, making the fire-pit extremely accessible.

We would start the project with patience, by slowly choosing the place in which it will be positioned. It is mandatory to ensure the most spectacular and the safest position in your yard, not sacrificing greenery in your garden.

Sign up to our workshops, and you will get all the knowledge necessary for creating your own fire-pit. The date of the workshops will be announced soon.