Rubbish Collection

Weekly is collected by us from all families across Feltham. To learn more about the way the service works in your region, select your council below. The way - There are numerous types. You may take recycling and rubbish.

We provide different collections for these items:

  • recycling
  • garden waste
  • bulky waste (like furniture or big electric appliances)
  • medical waste or sharps

Your rubbish set is made am in the same morning weekly, with occasional changes as a result of public holidays. Please put your bin in your property's border or on of the kerbside by 6am on the set day.

Rubbish bag collections

If you don't use a bin or don't have space for one, we may collect rubbish bags from your kerbside. All garbage must be put in bags and twice tied, as bags could be ripped open from seagulls, foxes, badgers together with other creatures, dispersing the contents. This may pose a health hazard to collection crews and occupants. Put as close as you can into the kerbside or roadside on your collection day before 6am. Please do not place out than the evening before. Wheelie bins - In case you've space to store one, you could you can purchase a wheelie binfrom us. Missed collections - We maintain our recycling and rubbish collection in Feltham service to a high standard, amassing at least 99.9% of each the bins in the district very first time, and where the occasional set is missed we're almost always able to go back for it within two working days.

Find out more and report overlooked collections online. Your duty due diligence - Householders have a legal obligation into dispose of their waste at a responsible way.

rubbish removal